My writing is my sanctuary.

I am emotional and that keeps me in line, I am compelled to only write about things that move me, my own writing must move me, otherwise in my own eyes I am not being authentic to self. Poetry is story-telling, storytelling is escapism and that’s something I am always chasing alongside my sanity.

I don’t plan subjects when I’m writing, I am led by emotions, anger, hurt, confusion etc. I’ve never been one to write poetry about a subject given to me to write about, that makes me cringe, that is not me at all.

Writing is bigger than me I guess. Poetry for me therapeutic, conversational, confrontational, it’s to explore vulnerability, it’s daring, it’s dark and that’s what sucks me in, I love the dark in poetry, that was my beginning.

I write for myself.

***All poems, and writing and images are my own.***





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