I unzip myself from skin
From him;
From remembering;
I found myself peeling off
Skin that was violated
Skin that flinched at hands,
Be they familiar or foreign
Skin that knew dirt and hurt

I unzip myself, from myself
I want to jump from my skin,
I want to peel it off like it is an unwashed cardigan
I was to shove it in a box
I want to lock it and forget the keys to that lock
And place that box in the corner
On the highest part of a shelf
I want to save myself

I don’t have a ladder,
I don’t want a ladder
That box is filled, it is filled
It empties me, as it opens
And i feel
As it ages, it robs, and empties me

I have shed
Tears and skin
Tears and skin
Years and years
Years and years
Still bleach does nothing
No washing
Is enough
I want to save myself

-Written by Aisha Mohammed

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